Rethink The Way You Manage Credit Risk

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Streamline Your Credit Approval Process

CPM can help you process credit approval requests faster, and in some cases even automatically, based on preferences drawn from your corporate credit management policies. Free up your team to focus on more strategic credit risk management undertakings.


Keep Important Information At Your Fingertips

CPM automates data collection and aggregation from multiple sources, including data providers like DNB®, Experian®, Bloomberg®, and accounting systems like SAP®. CPM leverages the Monitoring APIs provided by DNB to actively monitor your portfolio for major events like credit downgrades or bankruptcies.


Create Flexible Risk Scoring Models

Scoring models allow you to define a set of rules and assign weights to each rule suitable to any industry. Run what-if scenarios and test sensitivities to multiple risk factors. Standardize your metrics for credit worthiness measure in intelligent and consistent fashion.

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Go Beyond a Standard Credit Risk Tool

CPM's capabilities go far deeper than credit - it can handle all qualification requirements including credit approvals for counterparties and customers, financials and sustainability scores (including diversity) for vendors, and also manage incoming and outgoing Cash, Letters of Credit and other collateral using built-in workflows.

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"We were trying to create a precise disclosure process with an underlying process was anything but precise. As we went through the process we found so many things that we weren’t able to fix. This is where the flexibility of the HOC team really stood out. They were malleable to an underlying broken process."

Will Billings

VP Global Controller - World Fuel Services

"We never really signed on because of the platform, there are platforms all over the place. Like any solution they’re customizable. Its the team you sign up for."

Jay Leitstein

Chief Accounting Officer - New Fortress Energy

You Won't Find A Better Credit Risk Monitoring Tool

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