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Aggregate Data From Multiple Sources For Better Back End Processing

Struggling with a team not following standard data processing and monitoring guidelines? Our proprietary solution, RPM, can pull data from any source in any format and output a single, clean report. Never worry about questionable processes or vacation days again.

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Shift Your Team's Focus From Preparation to Analysis and Decision Making

Your compliance team isn’t effective if they’re constantly playing catch-up. By automating data processing and configuring customized rules monitoring you’ll allow them to do what they do best: analyze potential compliance issues.

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Get A Tool With The Flexibility To Update With Evolving Requirements

RPM isn’t like other tools out there. The expert team behind the platform allows flexibility unlike any other product. If you have a new requirement, we’ll create a solution for you. Our platform works for you, not the other way around.

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Access Real-Time Trade Data Delivered In The Format You Need

Effective monitoring requires fast data processing to help your team react sooner to red flags. By automating limit monitoring and the data needed behind monitoring trades you’ll be able to react faster to market movement.

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"RPM has proven to be very beneficial to my daily monitoring tasks as well as all of my monthly compliance packages. Prior to RPM, the manual process would take up to days to gather data and create slides. Utilizing RPM allows us to maintain a daily ongoing file, and when we are ready we can easily run the report and have the slides created within 30 minutes or less."

Sylvia Torrez

Trade Compliance Manager - NRG Energy

Compliance for Enterprise Has Never Been Easier

HOC is the leader in compliance automation for companies at the enterprise level. By leveraging our experts to help maintain regulatory compliance requirements you can stay aligned with your reporting needs, guarantee that you’re following existing rules, and save money by reducing time spent on manual tasks and avoiding fines. HOC has mastered automation for energy and utility companies and is your solution for adhering to the strict guidelines and protocols in place to avoid fines and legal battles.