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Stop Processing Data Manually

HOC can help you look forward to quarterly reporting instead of dreading it. Our proprietary platform pulls in data from internal and external data sources -- files, databases or online data stores (using web APIs). Batch scheduling allows you to run reports whenever you want to, without having to do it manually.

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Make Your Team More Efficient and Valuable

Accounting process automation with HOC amplifies the effectiveness of your existing accounting team. Rather than hiring more employees as your accounting needs grow, simply adapt the RPM framework to your additional requirements.

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Eliminate Your Reporting Errors

Potential errors in your numbers keeping you up at night? RPM by HOC eliminates these for good by creating an entirely auditable, transparent environment that runs several validations internally to make sure your data is clean. If it’s not? RPM fixes it for you.

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Get a Platform That's Better Than What You Can Build

We have over 15 years of experience fine-tuning our platform specifically to meet enterprise-level data analysis and reporting needs of businesses that operate at scale. This has created a product that, simply put, can’t be replicated. Let us get your reporting up and running in months, rather than have your team take twice as long to build an inferior product.

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"Efficient, effective, auditable, flexible and scalable are the keywords that come to mind in describing the benefit of deploying the RPM solution to automate the preparation of financial reporting footnotes and disclosure tables.  Not only did we see a significant reduction in the cycle time to get external reports out; now we can prepare the ASC 815, 820 and MD&A footnote tables for any accounting period close accurately and within hours of the risk or accounting system being refreshed with new records."

Yemi Karunwi

Director, Financial Accounting & Reporting - World Fuel Services

"We were trying to create a precise disclosure process with an underlying process was anything but precise. As we went through the process we found so many things that we weren’t able to fix. This is where the flexibility of the HOC team really stood out. They were malleable to an underlying broken process."

Will Billings

VP Global Controller - World Fuel Services

"We never really signed on because of the platform, there are platforms all over the place. Like any solution they’re customizable. Its the team you sign up for."

Jay Leitstein

Chief Accounting Officer - New Fortress Energy

You Won't Find A Better Accounting Process Automation Solution

HOC is the leader in accounting process automation for companies in the ETRM space. By leveraging the experts in ETRM reporting to help automate your accounting processes you can stop doing manual data entry, eliminate errors, and save money. Whether you’re looking for a back office automation tool or a front office automation tool, HOC can help.