True Process Optimization In Action

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Made For Businesses At Scale

RPM was originally developed to meet the needs of world-renowned energy firms. Since then, the platform has been adapted to meet complex data analysis and reporting problems for large companies across multiple industries.

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Automated Reporting and Monitoring At Your Fingertips

It allows users to create and automate reporting and monitoring processes for daily workflows with a flexible framework that is able to accommodate future changes in rules, data structures and reporting.

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Capable of Solving Your Technology Problem

With 100+ processes across numerous customers having been deployed, RPM has freed our clients’ teams to spend less time on reporting and monitoring and more time on addressing critical business problems.

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RPM For Accounting

Journals & General Ledger
  • Journal Entries for Unrealized and Realized Commodity Derivatives Transactions
  • ARO Monthly Accretion and Depreciation Journal
  • Liquidity Reserve
  • Generate Journal Entries in Custom Formats and Automated Upload to Accounting Systems Like SAP
  • Automatic General Ledger to Sub Ledger Reconciliation
SEC Disclosures
  • ASC 815 (Position and Performance Disclosure)
  • ASC 820 (Fair Value Measurement Disclosure)
  • Collateral Allocation (FIN 39) Reporting
  • Related Party Note, Credit Note, Balance Sheet Offsetting and Master Netting Reporting
  • Credit Contingency Reporting
  • AOCI Reporting
Accounting Analysis & Apps
  • FCM Initial Margin Calculations (SPAN) and Reconciliation with Broker Statement
  • Master Reconciliation – from Transaction Systems to Final Disclosure/Ledger
  • Budget Variance Reporting (BVR)
  • Budget Forecast Reporting (BFR)
  • Asset Retirement Obligation (ARO) and Asset Retirement Cost (ARC) Calculations
  • ABT Analysis
  • Prior Period Roll Forward Reporting

RPM For Compliance

Trading Compliance
  • Trader Limits
  • Credit Risk Compliance
  • Clearing Broker Trades Validation
  • Portfolio Limits
  • Monitoring of Zonal, Regional and Substation FTR Limits
  • FCM Trade Reconciliation
  • FCM Initial and Maintenance Margin Reconciliation
Regulatory Compliance
  • Real-time Monitoring of ICE, CME and Nodal Exchange Positions in a Single Screen
  • Dodd Frank De Minimis Monitoring
  • Dodd Frank SDR Trade Validation
  • Wash Trade Detection with Custom Price Tolerances
Trade Surveillance
  • Alert Dashboard with Violation Summary
  • Trade Details Blotter Auto-populated with Granular Trade Info
  • Data Visualization Tool for Alert and Market Data Charting
  • User-friendly Configuration Screen for Alert Parameter Adjustments
  • Email Generated when Alert is Triggered
  • Custom Export of Trade and Market Data into Excel
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Keep your current look and feel

Maintain the same look and feel of your existing reporting, while automating the processes that do the work.

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Leverage our team of experts

Our clients tell the story for us. We don’t stop working until our customers get the results they’re looking for.

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Safe, secure, and accurate reporting

Improve process efficiency and collaboration in a secure, controlled, and auditable environment.


Download the RPM Platform Overview

Learn how RPM can help you eliminate headache from your existing workflows with solutions tailored to challenges facing the energy industry. 

The idea behind RPM was to build a platform that allows customers to create and automate reporting and monitoring processes for daily workflows.

And, more importantly, a framework that is able to accommodate future changes in rules, data structures, and reporting.

RPM was designed and built to provide clients with a progressive modular platform that would allow the modeling and automation of the reporting and monitoring processes. It’s the top compliance management and accounting automation solution on the market, built with the flexibility to accommodate future changes in rules, data structures and reporting

Whether you’re looking for a regulatory compliance tool, back-office accounting process automation, or to significantly reduce reporting time, RPM can help.