Talen Energy is an independent power producer founded in 2015. They work closely with commercial and industrial customers to identify and implement cost-effective solutions. They are committed to integrity and transparency in all aspects of their business operations.


Talen Energy was planning to automate the existing Back Office processes specifically around the Journal Entry and SEC Disclosure reporting. During the initial requirements meetings HOC learned that the implementation would include the following challenges. Talen expected the team to address all these challenges as part of the RPM implementation project.

  • Consolidate and streamline multiple data sources from the ETRM systemhoc_talen_case_study_tile_15feb18.jpg
  • Define business rules to encompass the requirements of different internal accounting teams with their varied legacy processes
  • Interface with multiple system, each having a different interface layer – Database, Excel and Access
  • Generate Journal Entry reports which conform to the format expected by the accounting system
  • Automate all the SEC Disclosure reporting processes which were largely manual in the current form
  • Have a fully audited, SOX-compliant platform with an intuitive and user friendly user interface. This also includes the ability to lock down prior data after the accounting period is closed
  • Ability to add, manage and report manual adjustment records in a flexible yet robust way
  • Ability to have an application server in a server farm with an integrated load balancing architecture


RPM’s Data Interface Manager, which allows for easy interfacing with external systems via Database, Excel, Access, and web service based interface layers, was implemented as an out-of-box solution to link and consolidate data from multiple systems. The in-built User Defined Tables module in RPM provided the ability to save and maintain user-defined data mapping rules. The powerful module also allowed the users to maintain multiple copies of the rules as they changed each accounting month, and securely lock down the historical rules and mapping. In addition to this, the ability to define client specific biz-layers allowed for endless possibilities for defining business rules and procedures

The Template-based Spatial reporting framework of RPM was used to generate Journal Entry and SEC Disclosure reports in custom formats expected by the Accounting Ledger Systems and provided user-defined summaries and detail views. Using the RPM platform, Talen was able to leverage a flexible and unique way of handling Manual Adjustments, which tie directly to the primary source data. This allowed for defining manual adjustments which look and behave just like the source data with all trade attributes available for the users. Because RPM is a fully audited system, the managers at Talen could run Audit reports on all the modules in the system to track down changes in data and configuration. 


The results of the RPM implementation have been impressive. By leveraging HOC's industry expertise, Talen Energy has been able to generate the following results:

  • End-to-end process automation is achieved by eliminating manual data and reporting processes
  • Removal of data redundancy is the direct result of streamlining the process flow from start to finish
  • Automatic data reconciliation at every step of the process adds to the overall transparency of the data and reports
  • Users control the business rules with minimum IT support – defining rules and mapping made easy by the full featured mapping and user defined table layer
  • Lockdown of source data and reports, in addition to object level auditing, provided complete control to the stakeholders
  • Template-based reporting makes it easier than ever to format and enrich reporting without complicated configuration or coding

"HOC provided excellent knowledge and guidance while building SEC disclosure in the RPM system. They provided us with staff that was experienced and could help us navigate through our current process and find solutions to implement into RPM. HOC is punctual in their response time and recognized the urgency of accounting timelines.The success of our implementation started with HOC and their staff"

Allison Wehr

Accounting Specialist - Talen Energy
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