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Our team thrives at taking detail-heavy reporting and analysis processes and automating them, allowing you to eliminate costly inefficiencies and errors in your workflow for good.

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With over 15 years of excellence in the regulatory compliance and trade monitoring space, HOC has built a business around improving compliance and regulatory processes.

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We love solving unorthodox, difficult, and cumbersome technology problems. Let us take on your issues and work within your systems to create a solution, with full transparency during the process.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Talen Energy

Talen Energy successfully automates back-office derivative accounting processes.

This US-based energy utility achieved back office derivative process consolidation and end-to-end automation around Journal Entry and SEC Disclosure reporting using RPM.

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PSE&G revamps their derivative disclosure system with help from the RPM platform.

PSE&G was able to leverage HOC to cut between 7 and 10 days off of the time it took to aggregate the necessary information to populate footnotes while reducing overall risk.

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Our quarter-end closing process is much more streamlined after implementing RPM, and we are able to focus more of our time on analyzing the results.The entire HOC team was very pleasurable to work with while implementing RPM. They went above and beyond to ensure we reached the right solution.

Manager, Supply Accounting - PPL
RPM significantly improved our month-end close and quarterly reporting process, by retrieving trade data from Aligne and automatically mapping the information to designated general ledger accounts in SAP. The result significantly increased our operating efficiencies (and internal controls). We no longer have to order late night dinners during the month-end close!

Power Accounting - PSE&G Energy Resources & Trade LLC
RPM has proven to be very beneficial to my daily monitoring tasks as well as all of my monthly compliance packages. Prior to RPM, the manual process would take up to days to gather data and create slides. Utilizing RPM allows us to maintain a daily ongoing file, and when we are ready we can easily run the report and have the slides created within 30 minutes or less.

Trade Compliance Manager - NRG Energy
HOC was able to bring to life an exchange limits system at a fraction of the cost of something built by large banking institutions, which deployed at NRG, has protected the company from exceeding limits exposure on serveral occasions.

Director, Regulatory Compliance - NRG Energy
The HOC team provided the RPM solution for end-to-end process automation, auditable centralized financial data repository, exception monitoring, and on-time delivery through scheduled batches. It's not about creating a black box solution, rather implementing a self-service model. It's always a pleasure working with HOC Team.

Senior Manager,Risk Reporting - NRG Energy
In terms of bespoke product development, HOC is a hidden jewel. Companies can have a rich experience if they work with this gem of a company. While I can write pages on my experience, it is sufficient to say that if dream of a product or a technical solution to solve a business problem, HOC will help you realize your dream.

Senior Manager, IT - NRG Energy
The best part of working with HOC is their support. If you open a ticket, it gets addressed almost immediately. They're always available, and if we need something customized HOC gets it done, no question asked. They helped us reduce reporting time from a week to a single day

Accounting and Finance - Kindle Energy LLC
Efficient, effective, auditable, flexible and scalable are the keywords that come to mind in describing the benefit of deploying the RPM solution to automate the preparation of financial reporting footnotes and disclosure tables. Not only did we see a significant reduction in the cycle time to get external reports out, now we can prepare the ASC 815 and MD&A footables for any accounting period close accurately and within hours of the risk or accounting system being refreshed with new records

Director, Financial Accounting & Reporting - World Fuel Services
We were trying to create a precise disclosure process with an underlying process that was anything but precise. As we went through the process we found so many things that we weren't able to fix. This is where the flexibility of the HOC team really stood out. They were malleable to an underlying broken process.

VP Global Controller - World Fuel Services
We never really signed on because of the platform, there are platforms all over the place. Like any solution, they're customizable, it's the team you sign up for.

Chief Accounting Officer - New Fortress Energy
HOC provided excellent knowledge and guidance while building SEC disclosure in the RPM system. They provided us with staff that was experienced and could help us navigate through our current process and find solutions to implement into RPM. HOC is punctual in their response time and recognized the urgency of accounting timelines. The success of our implementation started with HOC and their staff.

Accounting Specialist - Talen Energy

Powered By The RPM Framework

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A platform built for automating accounting and compliance processes for large companies

RPM, Enterprise Platform for Integrated Compliance, was created in tandem with NRG Energy. The result was a proprietary accounting and compliance solution created with one thing in mind: process improvement for major enterprises.

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The answer to your frustrating manual accounting and compliance processes

Whether your problem is errors in reporting, highly complex processes getting bogged down in spreadsheets, disjointed data, or any other reporting challenges in the energy space, HOC can fix it using the RPM framework.

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Download the RPM platform overview to learn how RPM can help you eliminate headache from your existing workflows with solutions tailored to the challenges facing your organization.