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HOC is a New York based software products and services company specializing in solutions specially designed for the Energy Trading and Risk Management space. Founded more than a decade ago, we have always strived to provide cutting edge, refined solutions that are traditionally the purview of much larger companies.

Grounding ourselves in deep technical understanding of the latest Microsoft and Oracle technologies, we adhere to a simple recipe for success focusing on building the perfect solution. Our commitment to a boutique style client relationship empowers us to be resource efficient, responsive, and adaptive.

Our team is comprised of a seasoned and professional mix of individuals. Our commitment to deliver large increases in utility and productivity helps to fuel our passion in building solutions that solve industry specific challenges as naturally and intuitively as possible.


We believe complex problems can only be solved when isolated into manageable components At HOC we live by the AGILE methodology and whether its product development or client implementations our work streams are designed in three or four week sprints. A key difference between HOC and other vendors in the way we do implementation, is the alignment of our development and implementation sprints. This allows us to add items to our product development queue and receive product updates during the implementation cycle which saves our customers time and dollars.


  • Salil Shah
  • Neil Shah
  • Rahul Revankar
    Executive Vice President
  • Milind Karve
    Product Architect
  • Gopal Pandrekar
    VP, Product & ETRM Services
  • Vimal Shah
    AVP, Product Services
  • Frank Cummings