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For more than 15 years, HOC has been at the vanguard of the energy and utility industry's most difficult process automation and analytical challenges. With its newest flagship product and infrastructure, "The RPM Framework", HOC has built a multi-dimensional toolkit capable of delivering automated processes for customers under siege from a myriad of new internal and external reporting requirements. No matter if the demand is driven from the front, middle or back offices, HOC employs the RPM Framework with its clients to develop targeted user defined applications handling extensive business processes from trading oversight and exchange requirements to more systematic regulatory compliance and complex back office accounting requirements.

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In the last 24 months alone we have delivered over 100 automated designs, allowing our customers to realize massive increases in productivity and significant cost reductions all with improved reliability, runtime and accuracy.  This is all accomplished with our hybrid onsite/offsite development model keeping costs low with industry leading execution and delivery speed.  With offices in NY, NJ and Mumbai, India we are resourced to meet multiple project deliveries while always trying to surpass our customers’ expectations.

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True Process Automation in Action

Across the Front, Middle and Back office, RPM brings to market a world-class platform that facilitates complete automation for many of today’s resource intensive reporting requirements. It is now a mission-critical platform serving many of North America’s largest Utilities and Energy focused companies.

The RPM Framework

RPM excels in the automation of numerous regulatory and compliance requirements as well as seamless accounting and disclosure reporting. The platform provides a solid foundation with deep functional capabilities allowing flexible and powerful report generation. RPM provides multiple formats for reporting data and position exposure in the front, middle and back office operations. Documented by numerous customers, RPM enables the seamless flow of information in the most efficient, innovative, and cost-effective way. This is all accomplished across various levels of the industries we serve.

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